Carol De La Cruz Munoz, LMHC - Clinical Director of Mental Health Counselors, MPH

A Licensed Mental Health Counselor specializing in individual, couples and family therapy.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Mental Health from Carlos Albizu University. She has a passion for people and helping each individual reach their maximum goal while addressing and resolving individual struggles and concerns.  Carol has provided service to the community for more than 10 years, targeting at risk women and adolescents during and after their pregnancy as well as at risk men and adolescents within the Department of Corrections.

Carol combines compassion, sensibility, empathy and spirituality to connect with each client assisting in their healing process. She helps clients better understand and manage their emotions and improve satisfaction in their relationships through listening and guidance.   Carol believes each person is an expert in their own life—her role is to assist. She has found that most people, young and old, struggle with self-acceptance. Therefore, regardless of the various issues addressed in counseling, a primary goal is always self-acceptance.  Carol believes in empowerment, and has worked with at risk women and adolescents during their pregnancy and through postpartum that battle with depression, risky behaviors and poor support systems.  Furthermore, while working with the male population, she used the same tools to help empower men in becoming the best person they can upon their return back to society.

Some of Carol’s areas of expertise include:

• Depression and anxiety

• Trauma and posttraumatic stress

• Pre/Postpartum

• Relationship, family and parenting concerns

• Teen Counseling

• Addiction issues

• Spirituality

• Personality concerns

• Grief and loss

• Community Outreach

• Crisis intervention

• Motivational Interviewing and Intervention