Dr. Jose Bermudez - Owner / CEO

Jose Bermudez holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology with a subspecialty in forensic psychology. He is the president and founder of his private practice called Optimal Living Center. The purpose of Optimal Living Center is to address the individual, couple, or family from a holistic perspective focusing first on the core of the person; the mind. A variety of topics are covered in the practice, such as stress management, anger management, assertiveness training, overcoming fears, self-esteem, and coaching. Growing up in a challenging environment like Brooklyn, NY is the reason for a focus on teens and young adults and helping them to overcome obstacles/fears and live an optimal life!

Opt 2 Live is the concept behind Optimal Living Center. It is about making a choice to live life fully, not simply existing from day to day. A variety of techniques are utilized to help individuals reach their optimal level of performance, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, life coaching, and Christian counseling. Dr. Bermudez has approximately 20 years of varied experience in the mental health field. He has worked with children and teens labeled as severely emotionally disturbed by the public school system for nearly 10 years. This includes children from the age of 3 to 21. He also was formerly the psychological services director of an inpatient and outpatient unit in a prison for nearly 10 years, one of the most challenging populations that an individual can work with.

Dr. Bermudez has a passion for coaching and helping others reach their full potential. He has a love for what he does and works with individuals, couples, or organizations to improve and reach their goals.