Kristopher Lucin, MSW, RCSWI

Khristopher Lucin is a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern that is working on state licensure and has over 7 years of professional experience in the mental and behavioral health field. As a Barry University alumni, he is well versed in trauma informed practices to address experiences that are potential hindrances for personal growth. He has worked with a broad range of populations, including but not limited to; adolescent and young adults, veterans, families, autism spectrum, returning citizens, survivors of abuse and older adults. Connecting the community is a fundamental necessity to bridge resources. As an advocate, Khristopher seeks to enhance opportunities that benefit the unfoldment of the self and the group. One of his biggest passions is working with the youth transitioning from an educational setting to the professional world by providing tools and insight to navigate all the factors often left out by the school system.

Everyone has their own experiences and conditions that are presented in life. Due to this understanding, Khristopher focuses on teaching psycho-education to enhance emotional intelligence. Through awareness and conscious raising he addresses the core essence necessary to manage our mental and emotional space. Once there is an understanding of how our thoughts, emotions and behaviors create our reality, we can begin taking responsibility and implement practices to direct our lives into the direction one wishes.