Sana Habib, M.S. RMHCI

Sana Habib is a Registered Mental health counseling intern that holds a Masters in Professional Counseling Psychology from Florida International University. She is a compassionate and dedicated therapist with a passion for improving well-being of clients struggling with mental health issues. Sana has experience working with both adults and children in clinical settings. Sana is skilled in providing individual and group therapy to clients suffering with depression, anxiety, adjustment disorder, substance use and domestic violence. She has experience working with minors with ADHD and has also worked as an Autism-focused Behavior therapist for children. Sana believes that although many instances and circumstances are beyond our control, we do have the ability to control many aspects of our lives, including our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. By developing greater self-awareness and learning new coping skills, we can improve our ability to manage stress, overcome challenges, and achieve our goals. Sana is passionate about helping clients to envision a more positive future and believe in their ability to achieve their goals, helping them see that change is possible and that they have the strength and resources to overcome their challenges.